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Fondita Fund Management Company Ltd. is an independent fund management company specializing only in equity funds. We focus mainly on small and mid cap listed companies in the Nordics and Europe. Our investment philosophy, common for all our funds, is based on stock picking with actively managed, high-conviction portfolios. Fondita's equity funds have been registered for public distribution in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Luxembourg.

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The Fund Management Company accepts fund unit subscriptions every banking day. The subscription date is the banking day on which the subscription sum is cleared into the appropriate Fund Management Company bank account by 13:30 CET. Subscription takes place upon deposit of the amount to be invested into the Company's bank account corresponding to the chosen fund.

When paying, please indicate the subscriber's name, address, social security number (Finnish subscribers), bank account number and the unit class desired (A units or B units). The information must be complete.  A new client is obliged to deliver a copy of a valid identity card to the Fund Management company. We ask all new clients to please fill in the customer information form carefully and send it to Fondita by e-mail, fax or mail. The customer information form for private persons can be found here and for institutional clients here.

The Fund Management Company calculates the number of subscribed units to the fourth decimal point by dividing the subscription payment by the unit value. A confirmation is sent to the subscriber at the address indicated to the Fund Management Company.

Subscription fees

No subscription fee is charged.

The fund administration fee is 2% per year. The daily fund unit value reflects the deducted administration fee.

Total client relationships allow for changes in tariff rate.


Redeeming funds

Written notice of a request for redemption of fund units must be given to the Fund Management Company. It may also be necessary to forward a unit certificate to the Fund Management Company. Redemption orders received by 13:30 CET shall be executed at the value calculated at the Fund Management Company on the same banking day. The redemption price is paid to the client's bank account and a redemption confirmation is sent to the client. If the Fund Management Company does not have to sell securities in order to execute the redemption order, the redemption price is paid the following banking day.

Redemption fees

The redemption fee is 1% or a minimum of 15 euros. No redemption fee is charged for transfer from one Fondita Fund Management Company administered fund to another.

Total client relationships allow for changes in tariff rate.