Fondita 2000+ turns 20 years today!


Fondita 2000+

Fondita 2000+, our theme fund with a global mandate, turns 20 years today! The fund has generated a net return of 8.5 % p.a. since inception in 1998 (as of 31.8.2018). During the last five years the fund has generated a net return of 92 %, which is 13,9% p.a. (as of 31.8.2018). Our established investment philosophy is based on active stock-picking. The fund invests in companies that benefit from: the growing demand to protect the environment, demographic changes and the growth of information technology and communications. These themes are seen as the three pillars of the fund. Portfolio manager Tom Lehto joined Fondita in 2009 and has since then been the funds’ portfolio manager.

“The three pillars are still very relevant today 20 years after the launch. It seems like when we started the fund we were on the right track and still are! The first pillar includes companies that benefit from the growing demand to protect the environment, which is very prevailing in todays “ESG-climate” (Environmental, Social and Governance). For example, companies working with green energy, electrical vehicles and waste-management to mention a few.

The second pillar is defined as demography and this include companies whose products and solutions benefit from demographical changes. Driving forces such as; aging population, increased wealth and living standards and technical development still have a positive effect on the increased demand. Here we have several companies in the healthcare sector that has shown a steady growth.

Lastly, the third pillar includes information technology and communication companies. Today there are a lot of different products and solutions made to ease the daily life for people. These companies are often innovative and have been good investments in the fund. To conclude, I believe these three pillars are a winning concept and will continue to be very relevant in the future.” portfolio manager Tom Lehto concludes

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