Fondita European Small Cap – first succesful year behind


Fondita European Small Cap has performed well during its first year. The performance for the fund was a good + 30,41 %. The fund attracted more than a hundred investors (123) and appr. 19 million euros in investments. We are quite pleased with this achievement.

The fund is managed by Fonditas team of fundmanagers (Anders Svartbäck, Markus Larsson and Tom Lehto). Tom Lehto is the responsible manager of the European Small Cap fund. Before Tom joined the Fondita team he worked as CEO of Aktia Asset Management Ltd. where he also managed european funds for the last 15 years.

The Fondita European Small Cap fund has a few characteristics that are worth mentioning. The fund does not invest in the nordic region. Therefore it is quite convenient for investors to build a pan-european small cap portfolio consisting of the Fondita Small Cap funds. The Fondita funds are active in regard to the index. Therefore the funds can invest substantial portions in smaller markets. At the moment appr. 20% of the funds assets are invested in Holland.

We hope the good performance of the fund will attract more investments to the Fondita European Small Cap fund. Smaller and medium sized companies have in the history performed better than large companies. The Fondita European Small Cap fund is an easy and effective way to invest in this kind of companies with good future prospects.

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