Fondita Sustainable Europe and Fondita 2000+ have obtained the Austrian Ecolabel




We at Fondita Fund Management Company Ltd. are happy to announce that our funds Fondita Sustainable Europe and Fondita 2000+ have obtained the Austrian Ecolabel. Fondita Sustainable Europe and Fondita 2000+ are the first Finnish equity funds to obtain the Austrian Ecolabel. Fondita has been working with sustainability issues for a long time and our goal is to be at the forefront of this work also in the future. Obtaining the Austrian Ecolabel for our funds Sustainable Europe and 2000+ clearly reflects our strong commitment and is a response to the increased interest in sustainable investments among our customers.

“Fondita Sustainable Europe strives to be an European sustainable equity fund with a very clear focus on having a positive impact on environment and climate change, with specific sustainability factors deeply integrated in the investment process. The EU-Ecolabel is confirmation to our investors that the investment process has passed a solid and detailed examination by an authority within sustainable investing” says Marcus Björkstén portfolio manager for Sustainable Europe.

“I am very pleased that the fund has been certified with the Austrian Ecolabel. It is a confirmation of our long-term work with sustainability issues. The environmental theme has been a key part of Fondita's investment philosophy almost from the beginning, as already 22 years ago when we launched Fondita 2000+, one of its key themes was the growing need for environmental protection.” says Tom Lehto portfolio manager for 2000+.

Fondita Sustainable Europe

Fondita Sustainable Europe is an equity fund that primarily invests in European quality companies that through their products or services:

  • Enable a future of reduced CO emissions
  • Enable a future where natural resources are consumed more efficiently

Fondita 2000+

2000+ is a theme fund with a global mandate whose drivers, identified already when the fund was launched in 1998, are highly topical still today. The fund invests in companies that benefit from:

  • the growing demand to protect the environment
  • needs stemming from demographic changes
  • prospects for growth of the technology sector

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