Investment magazine "Arvopaperilehti" nominated Fondita as one of the best !


Investment magazine "Arvopaperilehti", which is one of the leading investment magazines in Finland, nominated Fondita Fund Management Company the second best fund company in Finland in its yearly ranking. The ranking was made by combining Morningstar ratings with Eufex ratings. The difference between the winner and Fondita was very small.
It is interesting to notice that smaller fund companies with a stockpicking based investment philosophy performed clearly better than the bigger competitors. The best of the big fundcompanies ranked number twelve. According to the article, the main reasons for the better performance was a strict focus of their core business and an stockpicking based investment philosophy where the managers pay no attention to the indexes (stockpicking).
In the article Fonditas CEO Magnus von Knorring is interviewed about the future. He believes that “smaller fund companies will gain marketshare as investors become more aware of quality aspects”. We believe that this transition is already happening as we can see our marketshare increasing. Equity funds in Finland have had a net inflow during the first eight months this year of a total of 80 million euros while Fondita has a net inflow of 32 millions.

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