Fondita gets pole position in Citywire Selector fund manager and fund comparison


We are extremely proud and happy to inform all our clients that our experienced European equities portfolio manager Kenneth Blomqvist was ranked nr.1 of 757 portfolio managers, during the past 12 months, in the European equities’ category on Citywire Selector. Kenneth was also ranked nr.1 out of 599 portfolio managers when looking at the past 3 years. Kenneth´s skillful and systematic portfolio management within European microcaps in particular, contributed strongly to his high ranking.

In addition, Fondita Sustainable Europe, managed by Marcus Björkstén, was the best fund of 989 European equity funds over the past 1 and 2 years. The fund focuses on companies with a positive environmental impact.

We feel this is the best possible certificate that Fondita´s asset management team, investment philosophy and sustainability approach is truly delivering added value to our clients over time. We will do our outmost to continue our success story.





RISK INFORMATION: The past performance of the investment fund does not provide any guarantee of future results. Depending on market conditions, the fund unit value may rise or fall. The future performance of the fund depends on the development of the markets and the Fund Manager’s success with the chosen investments. The fund is euro denominated. Thereby changes in currency values may affect the value of the investments. The fund is not covered by the Deposit Guarantee Fund nor the Investor’s Compensation Fund.

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