If you would like to become a client in Fondita, please follow step 1 to 4.

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How to buy units in Fondita's Funds?

1. Familiarize yourself with our funds

Fondita manages eight equity funds that invest in shares of publicly traded companies. All our funds follow the same investment philosophy based on stock picking but invest according to their respective strategies. Before investing, please familiarize yourself with the Key Investor Information Document, Prospectus and fund rules that can be found in the Funds section of this website.

Investors from Luxembourg:

Please read the Addendum for Luxembourg Investors which can be found in the Funds section of this website. This document should be read in conjunction with the fund's Prospectus, Key Investor Information Document and the fund rules. 

All Fondita Fund Management Company Ltd.’s funds which are available for subscription have been notified for public distribution in Luxembourg (excluding return-units). Fondita Fund Management Company Ltd. and its funds are subject to the supervision of the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA).

Investors from Norway:

All Fondita’s 6 equity funds have been registered for public distribution in Norway. Key Investor Information Documents in Norwegian can be found in the Funds section of this website.

2. Buy fund units

Fondita’s funds are pre-paid funds. The desired amount is to be transferred to the respective fund’s subscription account. The account numbers are listed below. Both individuals and legal entities can invest in Fondita’s funds.

If you are an individual please provide the following details together with the payment:

  • Name
  • Social security number

If you are a legal entity please provide the following details together with the payment:

  • Name of legal entity
  • Business identity code, VAT-number 

All payments received before 13:30 CET will be calculated on the same valuation day. The Fund Management Company has the right to reject subscriptions if sufficient information for the deposit has not been obtained. Subscription notes will be sent to the address provided.

3. Customer identification

We ask all new clients to provide us with the following:

  • Completed and signed Customer identification form. The form for private persons can be found here. The form for institutional clients can be found here.
  • Copy of valid ID card or Passport
  • For legal entities: a Trade Register extract containing authorized signatories

The customer information forms and ID copies can be sent directly to our e-mail ( or via post to our address (Aleksanterinkatu 48 A, 00100 Helsinki). To meet the requirements of the law, there may be situations where we ask for additional information for investigation before the customer relationship is initiated. In cases where customer identification cannot be guaranteed in accordance with the current regulations, the Fund Management Company holds the right to decline the initiation of a client relationship.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Our contact information can be found in the Contact Us section of this website.

Additional subscription information

The Fund Management Company accepts fund unit subscriptions every banking day. The subscription date is the banking day on which the subscription sum is cleared into the appropriate Fund Management Company bank account by 13:30 CET. Subscription takes place upon deposit of the amount to be invested into the Company's bank account corresponding to the chosen fund.

The Fund Management Company calculates the number of subscribed units to the fourth decimal point by dividing the subscription payment by the unit value. A confirmation is sent to the subscriber at the address indicated to the Fund Management Company.


No subscription fee is charged.

The fund administration fee is 2% per year. The daily fund unit value reflects the deducted administration fee.

Total client relationships allow for changes in tariff rate.


Written notice of a request for redemption of fund units must be given to the Fund Management Company. It may also be necessary to forward a unit certificate to the Fund Management Company. Redemption orders received by 13:30 CET shall be executed at the value calculated at the Fund Management Company on the same banking day. The redemption price is paid to the client's bank account and a redemption confirmation is sent to the client. If the Fund Management Company does not have to sell securities in order to execute the redemption order, the redemption price is paid the following banking day.


The redemption fee is 1% or a minimum of 15 euros. No redemption fee is charged for transfer from one Fondita Fund Management Company administered fund to another.

The fund administration fee is 2% per year. The daily fund unit value reflects the deducted administration fee.

Total client relationships allow for changes in tariff rate.

Existing clients

Returning clients who have subscribed to our funds previously can subscribe to funds just by making the payment with the correct data included in the payment information. Account numbers can be found on the fund pages and also below. Please view the KIID and other documentation of each individual fund before making the transaction.

New clients

If you would like to be a client in Fondita, please follow step 1 to 3 above.

Payment information

Select fund for payment information:


SEB IBAN: FI74 3301 0001 1559 36  SWIFT/BIC: ESSEFIHX

European Micro Cap

SEB IBAN: FI58 3301 0001 1505 98 SWIFT/BIC: ESSEFIHX

Sustainable Europe

SEB IBAN: FI63 3301 0001 1342 12 SWIFT/BIC: ESSEFIHX

Equity Spice

SEB IBAN: FI07 3301 0001 1308 55 SWIFT/BIC: ESSEFIHX

Nordic Small Cap

SEB IBAN: FI37 3301 0001 1308 97 SWIFT/BIC: ESSEFIHX


SEB IBAN: FI60 3301 0001 1308 71 SWIFT/BIC: ESSEFIHX

Nordic Micro Cap

SEB IBAN: FI47 3301 0001 1308 14 SWIFT/BIC: ESSEFIHX

European Small Cap

SEB IBAN: FI03 3301 0001 1308 30 SWIFT/BIC: ESSEFIHX

When paying, please indicate the subscriber's name and personal identity code or business identity number. The information must be complete.


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